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Campaign Hub Launch

We have just launched the Campaign Hub; a personalised analytics dashboard used by clients to track engagement and traffic from articles, links and advertising across our website platforms. The fundamental role of the Hub is to allow our partners – education, travel, tech and beyond – to geographically target articles, advertising and recruitment.

This comprehensive dashboard allows us to present large amounts of complex data coherently and efficiently, allowing our clients to use this information for marketing and engagement purposes, while granting us the unique ability to make informed recommendations based on specific devices used to access our websites.

“I can only congratulate Chris and the development team on the work that they’ve done launching the Campaign Hub,” says James Craven, Managing Director of the Hybrid network. “There are many analytics tools on the market, but our goal in developing the Campaign Hub is to provide our clients with unique insights into how their story, and their brand translates, engages and flows across social media platforms.

“We’ll continue to invest and develop this IP technology further as the year progresses.”

Media Contact:
Elena Martinez
(44) 117 244 3750

About Hybrid

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