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Tech Wire Asia Re:Launch

We are happy to announce the exciting renovation of one of our online heavyweights, Tech Wire Asia – Asia’s leading news source for enterprise and technology. With a fresh design and a new, tight-knit team of tech-savvy writers, Tech Wire Asia has evolved in ways we never could have imagined since its humble 2012 beginnings.

“There are many websites on the market focused on gadgets and the next consumer device,” James Craven says. “That is not Tech Wire Asia. More interesting to us is how the digital revolution is impacting entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small to medium-sized businesses. Ten years ago, only big business bought tech. Now, everybody business buys tech.”

The Tech Wire Asia team includes journalists and industry experts from some of the region’s top news outlets and tech organizations. Reporting on the latest innovations, up-and-coming companies and transformative technologies, Tech Wire Asia caters to a diverse demographic across Asia and abroad.

Media Contact:
Elena Martinez
(44) 117 244 3750

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