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UK Day Out – Mission Mendips

On the fourth of November 2016, the Hybrid troop ventured out of the Bristol office for a day of trekking, challenge and cheese on the Mendip Hills in Cheddar. Led by the fantastic team at Mocean Adventures Ltd, the gang scaled the rugged walls of the winter Mendip vistas; they crawled through tiny crevices tunneling underground; they even mastered the complex art of axe lobbing atop Cheddar’s crumbling slopes.

Lest we forget the surprise cheese-tasting test, where each team member donned a blindfold, munched a mystery sample, and lay their fate in the taste buds upon their tingling palettes. From Parmesan to Brie, Stilton to Double Gloucester, even to the glorious block of Cheddar cornered in its natural habitat; the crew slayed every Mendip Challenge while learning a lot about each other and…well, cheese!

It was a nail-biting day of cheese-themed adventure – and it was pretty impressive every one of these office-dwelling species made it back alive… Watch a video of the day below!

“We make sure that we get out of the office as team as often as possible,” says James Craven , Managing Director of the Hybrid brand. “Coasteering, sailing, go kart racing, bowling – it doesn’t really matter. In some respects, it’s about team building, but really it’s about having some fun and saying thanks to everyone for working hard through the year.”

Provided by Mocean – Employee Engagement Through Adventure:

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