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KL Breakfast ThinkTank Session

November brought even more excitement to the floor at Hybrid, with MD James Craven visiting our KL branch for an effective ‘brainstorm’ session. All twelve members of the team came forward with outstanding revenue developments to carry us through to 2017, a year that will see our global brand soar to elevated heights. The idea that ‘audio is the new video’ was a stand-out theme, as we look into adding podcasts and other audio platforms to our digital catalogue.

The Campaign Hub was another notable topic, as the team discussed marketing this innovative dashboard as its own, stand-alone product. The expansion of Asian Correspondent’s coverage to include sport and entertainment news was another inspiring contribution, as we look to bring our readers even closer to engaging and provocative real-world events.

“Brainstorm sessions don’t get any better than this,” James Craven says. “When looking at new media ideas to reach a millennial audience, there is no better place to start than speaking with the young talented team at Hybrid in Kuala Lumpur. I was thoroughly impressed by both the ambition and business pragmatism of the ideas each member of staff brought to the table. It was a really fun morning of work.”

As the new year fast approaches, the team at Hybrid is eager to see these ideas take shape, seeking to tell our story – and those of our clients – in the most cutting-edge and contemporary approach.

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