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Marketing Your Brand Or Organisation To Asia

It would take a particular type of short-sightedness of the part of any marketer or business person to ignore the immense buying power of the Asian market. If your brand, company, institution or sales department is looking to that part of the world as its next market, you will want to consider the very latest in engaging, branded content.

An article that’s appeared recently on Brand Tales hopes to give the reader some idea of the possibilities available to the savvy-minded when approaching this key market.

But why branded content in that particular market? A 2014 study by Waggener Edstrom Communications found 78% of Asian digital consumers obtained information online, staying on relevant content longest:

  1. Asian audience: 199 seconds
  2. Global average: 140 seconds
  3. Australasian audience: <120 seconds

But creating any old content won’t, of course, guarantee booming uptake among your chosen market segment. Not only do the ‘right’ readers need to be correctly identified by their behaviour and demographics, but the material presented has to be engaging, entertaining, informative and more; in short, share-able.

Display ads’ effectiveness is gradually diminishing, especially amongst pan-Asian millennials, says the author of the article Peter Gearin, in conversation with the MD of a new generation of marketing companies, James Craven. Craven’s digital assets include Asian CorrespondentTech Wire Asia and Travel Wire Asia making his group Hybrid a powerful conduit into this important market.

There are no hard and fast rules on content creation when it comes to a pan-Asian audience – every advertiser has a different message to present and, usually, at a different level. Content-focussed campaigns can could contain blatant sales messages, or be more newsworthy than commercial. Even cryptic and subliminal messages may happily co-exist with stories that stand in their own right – the main thing is that what’s presented ought to cry out to be shared among a chosen audience.

Presenting ‘sponsored’ or branded content alongside other content has, of course, long been a fact of online life that doesn’t mean that commercially flavoured articles are ignored. If correctly crafted, content can take off and have an online life of its own! Examples appearing across the Hybrid portfolio include:

The latter was shared more than 37,000 times and has been read by close to one million people!

For more information, read the full article here. To get in touch with Hybrid, click here or to contact the author of the original article, Peter Gearin, click here.

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