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Hybrid’s UK launch day – new brand

The official launch event for Hybrid’s new brand took place on Friday 21st July in Bristol, UK.

Staff, interns, employees-to-be, press, local dignitaries and investors all gathered to hear Managing Director, James Craven, talk about the company’s beginnings in a damp garage back in 2009 through to today’s multinational successes.

Jim’s presentation was shared with Rachael Bradley, from branding agency Underscore, who outlined some of the thought processes that went into Hybrid’s new look. Underscore’s background work included staff interviews, surveys and of course the objectivity only available from an outside agency, albeit one well-versed in working with large media companies.

Highlights of the presentation also included the first public airing of two new videos, a 360-degree view of Hybrid and a short film aimed at recruitment; the latter being an integral part of Hybrid’s ambitious growth plans.

Also present were several of our new interns, who will be working with us in Bristol, before moving onto our Kuala Lumpur editorial bureau for nine months.

After the presentation, James hopped on a plane bound for Malaysia, where he showed staff their new office in Q Sentral and presented the rebrand to the delighted writers, journalists, technical team and editors. From there, it’s on to Sydney to do it all again! (The air miles accrued by the rebrand alone must be worth a local flight or two, to be taken in quieter times!)

As the afternoon in Bristol wore on, the champagne was replaced, in the traditional manner, by wine and beer, and the evening has quickly passed into Hybrid folklore: the least said about the details the better! As our Head of Finance, David Bond, said on Monday morning, “What happened on rebrand stays on rebrand.”


To contact Hybrid for comment please email hayley@hybrid.co or call +44 (0) 117 244 3189

About Hybrid

Hybrid is a global influencer, creating rich and relevant content for brands wishing to connect with audiences in a more effective way. Powered by a progressive collective of journalists, strategists and business minds, Hybrid moves with unparalleled pace across five independent brands in high-growth markets. Hybrid has offices in Bristol (UK), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Sydney (Australia).