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Travel Wire Asia identifies new traveler demographics, showcases findings at ITB Asia 2017

Digital publisher Travel Wire Asia today gave an insightful and thought-provoking talk at ITB Asia 2017, the region’s largest travel exhibition, with 940 exhibitors from 113 countries and over 11,000 attendees.

The talk, which coincided with the upcoming relaunch of the Travel Wire Asia brand, was given by Travel Wire’s group CEO, James Craven, aided by Andrea Schuppien, Regional Manager at Travel Wire.

During the thirty minute presentation, Craven outlined ways in which travel organizations in Asia could enhance their brands’ digital footprint across a range of digital distribution channels, including the web and the geographically distinct social media of APAC.

There is expected to be a 72 percent growth in the Asia-Pacific travel market by 2020 to US$446 billion, and 76 percent of that growth is predicted to be in mobile sales (source: Euromonitor 2017).

Craven’s presentation touched on the increasing prevalence of smartphone use in APAC, before looking at the new market demographic Travel Wire Asia has identified: the “connected traveler.”

According to the company’s research, the connected traveler in APAC (and beyond) is independent, uses online travel agencies almost exclusively, is inspired by social media, and undertakes extensive online research before booking.

Andrea Schuppien, Travel Wire Asia’s Regional Manager for Asia & Australasia added that in an industry obsessed with demographics, the online traveler’s age range can vary between around 25 to 50 years old, has a good job, is upwardly mobile and regards constant connectivity as a “given.”

Therefore, asserted Schuppien, the best way to reach and engage with this key group was to “tell compelling stories across channels that inspire, and that can bring brands and products to life.”

CEO James Craven then continued by explaining that a multichannel approach serves today’s travel industry best: web-based editorials, display advertising across static & mobile platforms, and video & audio podcasts for offline consumption.

The audience of travel professionals from right across the region responded well to the presentation’s contents and Craven concluded: “The digital landscape is changing everything about the way people travel, and the middle class in Asia are at the cutting edge of dynamic change.”

Travel Wire Asia is a Hybrid brand, built by a team of connected global travelers and powered by some of the region’s best writers.

This year, fuelled by rapid growth over the last 18 months, Travel Wire Asia attracted 1.2 million monthly unique visitors and expects to generate over US$1.6 million in advertising and branded content revenues by year-end.

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