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Hybrid meets Google Malaysia

STAFF from Hybrid’s Kuala Lumpur office recently enjoyed a trip to meet up with the team at Google Malaysia.

With Google’s global offices well known for their cool and quirky themes, it was difficult not to get excited about the visit.

Hybrid’s editor-in-chief Clara Chooi, chief digital officer Chris Cammann, advertising operations manager Jazlan Zakirin and TechWireAsia.com journalist Taylor Bragg made the short trip to the Google Malaysia office… just across the road from Hybrid’s KL office at Q Sentral.


The Hybrid team feasted their eyes upon the beautifully designed office, every nook and cranny filled with vibrant colours, eccentric furnishings and garnished with greenery.

Beanbags of every colour sat in front of a giant feature screen which displayed the trending topics across the globe in real-time.

Shortly after arriving, the Hybrid team were introduced to Google Malaysia’s head of communications Zeffri Yusof and PR guys from Emerald Communications. They were invited to help themselves to the mouth-watering array of food and refreshments before sitting down to get to know one another.

While eating, they discussed the work of Hybrid, their roles within our team and current tech affairs in Malaysia, as well as learning about Google Malaysia’s latest ventures in digital advertising technologies, cloud computing and various other topics.

After getting to know each other, the Hybrid contingent indulged in an ice-cream before Zeffri offered them a guided-tour of the playground-esque office: a work space that encourages creativity, collaboration and productivity as well as a work-life balance culture.

It was not hard to see why Google was named by jobstreet.com as the top company Malaysians wanted to work for in 2017.

An ‘Alice In Wonderland’-themed room featured upside-down lampshades and little nooks where employees could retreat to get their work done. The struggle of trying to find a pen is no issue in this office, with each workspace featuring a storage box filled with every piece of stationery you could possibly need.

“Everything you might need can be found here,” said Zeffri.

From here the team walked through the main office space, featuring standing desks and treadmills. Next, there was a games room featuring a retro arcade machine, a massage chair (should you need five minutes to de-stress) and a chess board ceiling at which one could only gawp.

Lastly, our team were guided into what Zeffri referred to as “the bat-cave”: a boardroom which resembled a dimmed cave, designed to “make meetings more interesting”.

The meeting left our staff feeling somewhat inspired by Google Malaysia’s intricately-designed workspace, perhaps a little bit jealous, but thankful that Hybrid and Google Malaysia had been brought together.

Now to convince Hybrid’s finance manager, David Bond, to let us have a bat-cave….


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