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Hybrid appoints Joseph Craven to head Sydney office

News bureau and multimedia company Hybrid has announced the appointment of Joseph Craven as the company’s Managing Director, APAC & Global Operations.

Craven joins Hybrid with a wealth of business experience gained from other world-leading publishers. Previously, he was Vice President of Corporate Development at Barnes & Noble, and Managing Director of Quarto Group, ANZ.

Joseph Craven (left) and Christopher Connell (right)

Hybrid is a company where traditional and contemporary communications merge: independent journalism combining with progressive digital content. Hybrid’s commitment to creating more influential and compelling media means it excels at finding niches for customers that only digital publishing offers.

Craven’s career has seen the publishing market change and digital presents opportunities:

“Advertisers and consumers are completely eschewing traditional channels in favour of digital. No other medium offers the niche targeting that digital provides, for consumers and advertisers alike.”

Craven’s duties at Hybrid will include managing all Southern hemisphere operations and working with the Digital, Editorial and Finance teams globally to increase commercial opportunities, and improve co-ordination across time zones.

Views from 1 Market Street, Sydney

As well as digital publishing, Craven’s experience includes extensive work in events management and logistics. His natural acumen enables him to break down problems, develop plans and execute solutions across multiple teams. Hybrid has presented him with a broad remit to work on commercial opportunities across the Hybrid portfolio.

Hybrid excels at creating compelling content combining rich media with customised posts and editorials, across powerful search & social platforms.

“The challenge most publishers face is to combine high quality content production with successful monetisation strategies. Hybrid has a business model that aligns these two elements and it is growing and profitable. It’s a great moment for me to join the team and initiate a number of new strategies to grow audience, influence and revenues,” Craven said.

Joseph Craven in our Sydney office

Working primarily out of Hybrid’s Sydney office, his goals include working with teams on continuing the pattern of growth established by the company (on target for 35 percent this year), connecting global teams on strategic initiatives, and improving talent recruitment performance.

On the latter issue, Craven said:

“We select independent thinkers and digital entrepreneurs who understand how people consume media and engage today; people with a social content mentality.”

Hybrid currently operates from the UK, Malaysia and Australia, with a US office due to open Q1 2019.


To contact Joseph Craven for comment please email harriet@hybrid.co or call +61 280 46 8371

For job opportunities please contact Joe Child – joe.child@hybrid.co or call +44 117 244 3189

About Hybrid

Hybrid is a global influencer, creating rich and relevant content for brands wishing to connect with audiences in a more effective way. Powered by a progressive collective of journalists, strategists and business minds, Hybrid moves with unparalleled pace across five independent brands in high-growth markets. Hybrid has offices in Bristol (UK), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Sydney (Australia).