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Hybrid UK’s summer team building exercise held

• Great British weather shines on Hybrid
• Canoeing on the Wye continues the physical theme of away-days
• Several team members go fully aquatic

Friday 13th of July 2018 saw Hybrid’s UK team head to Monmouth, an hour’s travel from the company’s Bristol headquarters, for a day of canoeing down the picturesque river Wye.

Arranged by the company’s go-to fixers of team building days, Mocean, the morning began with all staff equipped with safety kit and receiving a few speeches on survival in the wilderness of Wales, should the worst happen. With any such lessons processed in traditional in-one-ear-out-the-other manner, we set off, upped anchor, hove to, braced the yardarm and a host of other misused naval terminology.

Carolina Santos and Elena Martinez enjoying the sun on their Hybrid day out

Our stalwart hosts know the Hybrid approach to physical activity of old, and so had arranged that progress was with the prevailing current and aided by a favourable following wind. Also laid on was glorious sunshine, the serenity of the astoundingly beautiful surroundings, and a rare sighting a Britain’s most striking bird, the Kingfisher.

Several team members took the opportunity to embrace their inner fish, with a couple of members of the UK Sales team spending more time in the river than actually paddling over it. Hugo Hanchet gets an honourable mention for giving an excellent demonstration of being simultaneously submerged while smoking a cigarette down to the nub – a talent many years in the development.

Hybrid team taking part in various trust games and team exercises

Trust games and confidence building routines provided more opportunities for controlled drowning, and our guides (Young Will and Old Will) had their hands full, fishing out newly-moistened members of the digital marketing team, and righting capsized canoes.

Despite several paddles over the Wye’s infamous rapids (infamously tame, we were informed after the fact), no lives were actually lost, although a run-in with the Monmouth Rowing Club’s eight-person sculling champions did threaten to cause a permanent sinking at the day’s end.

Hybrid team retiring for the day

Knowing when they were outclassed, the Hybrid team retired to the nearest hostelry, to show where we do possess some serious off-duty talent: Olympic-level eating, drinking and shouting.

Many thanks to all those involved in the day’s organisation, and belated apologies to the good denizens of the Wye valley, whose peace and calm only returned as the Hybrid scurvy landlubber knaves exited southwards down the A40.

Provided by Mocean – Employee Engagement Through Adventure:


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