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What brings creativity and teamwork to life at Hybrid

Powered by business strategists and progressive journalists, Hybrid is a global influencer committed to producing rich and impactful media for the cultivated global citizen.

Headquartered in Bristol, UK, with two offices in Malaysia and Australia and plans in the pipeline for Boston, the Hybrid media machine is run by a dynamic team of 65 creative minds, each bringing to the table a smorgasbord of different skillsets and experience levels.

With a portfolio of five web titles – Study International, Asian Correspondent, Tech HQ, Tech Wire Asia, and Travel Wire Asia – tucked under its belt and world domination on its mind, Hybrid is leading the way to becoming a global digital titan.

But first, dive into our virtual tour of Hybrid around the world.

Bristol, UK

Hybrid’s story began in Bristol, UK, a city straddling the River Avon. Originally a city-center port, the vibrant and energetic Bristol is brimming with rich maritime heritage and dynamic culture.

Bristol also has a burgeoning art scene, and it’s not just limited to fine museums and fancy galleries. From graffiti wall murals to community art trails in and around the city’s streets, its artistic heritage is truly well and alive, and can be spotted at every nook and cranny.

Colston Tower, Bristol

Suffice to say, the liveliness of the city is what inspires Hybrid’s Bristol office, the pulse of the organization, in Colston Tower. As its happy inhabitants say:

“Working in Colston Tower is a great experience. Our office is based on the 9th floor and has panoramic views of the whole city, including the harbour.

“It’s easy to feel on top of the world here! Colston Tower is based in the centre so getting to work is easy, even for those of us who don’t live in Bristol. The environment inside the office is exciting and fast paced and the same goes for the outside,” says Credit Controller Shani-Hawthorne Williams.

“I’m incredibly proud to work in the centre of Bristol with scenic views overlooking the famous harbourside and breathtaking architecture in and around the city.

“As well as this, having a superb office to work in gives staff here a certain drive and boost in career aspiration, a positive effect from working in Colston Tower,” says Advertising Operations Executive Kyler Phillips.

But it’s certainly not all work and no play.

In recent years, the food scene in Bristol has gone from strength to strength with a host of brilliant new openings. It now serves up some of the best cuisines in the city. And sampling what the food and drinks scene has to offer is just one of the many Hybrid Bristol’s job perks.

Hybrid’s Bristol Account Management Team

“The food scene in Bristol is perhaps one of the best opportunities to discover the wide array of different cuisines the city has to offer, one day you could be eating Italian, the next Vietnamese,” Phillips says.

“Moreover, the proximity to various food stalls that pop up at the harbourside, along with the independent restaurants located centrally, mean we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to team lunches!” adds Account Executive Elena Martinez.

To survive Hybrid’s Bristol office, you best be training your appetite for all sorts of nosh as the team often enjoys regular lunches at the Wednesday and Thursday food markets a stone’s throw away and social Fridays at one of the many neighbouring pubs.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Look no further than metropolitan Kuala Lumpur if you’re an urbanite who loves a city that never sleeps, glittery towering skyscrapers, an abundance of delectable food, and a melting pot of cultures.

Connected and smart, the cosmopolitan center promises activities are aplenty. It’s no wonder the city was voted one of the world’s most visited.

Q Central, Kuala Lumpur

For the digital content movers and shakers in Hybrid Kuala Lumpur, Q Sentral at KL Sentral is home for most of the week, and then some.

KL Sentral is an urban development built around Malaysia’s largest transit hub, designed to be a new business and financial hub of the city. And Hybrid Kuala Lumpur’s shares the same prestigious address as the world’s most valuable, forward-thinking tech brands such as Google and Facebook.

“For a fast-paced, fast-growing company like ours, you can’t get any better than KL Sentral. I like to think of it as Kuala Lumpur’s version of New York’s Grand Central Terminal – like Hybrid, everyone you see here is going somewhere and always moving with pace and purpose.

“KL Sentral is also home to luxury hotels, local and international eateries, colourful shops and beautiful temples along our very own little India adjacent to where we are, and a flourishing business centre. And the view of the city skyline from our office on the 19th floor at Q Sentral is quite breathtaking, if a little distracting at times!” says Editor in Chief Clara Chooi.

“We’re surrounded by Malaysia’s rich heritage and culture, right outside our office window you can see the lush tropical greens surrounding the botanical gardens lake, and let’s not forget the panoramic view of the city’s skyscrapers set against the backdrop of the Titiwangsa Range.

“It’s always such a joy to drop everything on a hectic day at work, look out the window, and feel alive,” says Travel Wire Asia Editor Lainey Loh.

And with food available literally around the clock, eating (or snacking) is every Malaysian’s favourite pastime. In fact, Hybrid Kuala Lumpur has a couple of resident snackers.

Hybrid’s Malaysia Team

“My diet plans are constantly on sabotage thanks to the office’s dangerously close proximity to banana leaf central Brickfields, all the international food chains in Nu Sentral Mall, and waffles from our very own building lobby. Goodbye, diets. Hello, caloric happiness.

“The waffles may be gone now (RIP waffles) but their cupcakes aka the most addictive baked goods this side of the world remain to tempt me on a daily basis,” says Education Journalist Lee Lian Kong.

Aside from delivering pioneering ideas and quality work (and snacking), you can be certain that the warm Malaysian hospitality translates well into Hybrid Kuala Lumpur’s talents, an inclusive group of like-minded people who are passionate about what they do but also welcoming.

“Oh, and be prepared for completely spontaneous discussions, laugh out loud madness, and moments where you see people randomly running around the office.

“For no reason at all, except for maybe contagious excitement. It’s just all in a day’s work,” Loh adds.

One thing’s for sure, Malaysians and their capital city are guaranteed to greet you with wide open arms.

 Sydney, Australia

Make no mistake: Sydney has it all. After all, you can’t say you’ve been to Australia unless if you’ve been to Sydney.

This Australian city boasts natural beauty, from iconic landmarks like its sail-shaped harbourfront Sydney Opera House to picturesque beaches and world-class restaurants.

1 Market Street, Sydney

In the city center, Sydney’s business and retail hub, Hybrid’s office joins the league of Australia’s largest companies and some of the largest companies in the world such as Woolworths, Caltex, Rubicon, and Commonwealth Bank at 1 Market Street.

“Working at 1 Market Street is great because it is definitely the hub of the Sydney CBD. The vibe is very corporate and business-orientated. It’s a busy part of town and there’s constantly people coming and going.

“It’s very rewarding for our team to be based in such a great building, with such a fantastic view!” says APAC Sales Director Emma Talbot.

“The Hybrid office at 1 Market Street is set in a fantastic location, we’re on the 20th floor and have panoramic views of Darling Harbour!

“The office itself has a great atmosphere as we’re set right in the heart of the city so there’s always a good hubbub of business professionals as you enter or leave the office,” says Account Executive Harriet-Hart Ramsey.

Hybrid’s proximity to Darling Harbour means a leisurely stroll at lunch or long walks after work while watching the world go by always sounds like a great idea.

Hybrid’s Sydney team

It’ll take be a while before you run out of things to do here, from new places to visit to foods to sample and watering holes from which to spend that last dollar on some slur and swagger. So leave no cake untouched and schooner unchugged.

“Being so close to the harbour is perfect for a lunchtime break where gardens and water are just a short stroll away. There’s lots of great places to pick up food along the way; Japanese, Vietnamese, Italian, Greek – we have it all on our doorstep,” Ramsey adds.

“We have lots of food options around and good cafes for lunch meetings. It helps to be close to a number of bars for those after work drinks too,” says Talbot.

The metropolis is brimming with activities on the daily and the vibrant working environment in the Hybrid office promises that there will never be a dull moment.

Thinking of exploring a career with us at Hybrid? Head on over to our Careers page.


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About Hybrid

Hybrid is a global influencer, creating rich and relevant content for brands wishing to connect with audiences in a more effective way. Powered by a progressive collective of journalists, strategists and business minds, Hybrid moves with unparalleled pace across five independent brands in high-growth markets. Hybrid has offices in Bristol (UK), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Sydney (Australia).