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Sydney Office Makeover

  • Total remodeling of Sydney workspace
  • Branding-centered décor and a much-expanded space
  • Open-plan layout with designer furniture & awesome views

The Hybrid Sydney workspace underwent a full makeover recently, with a significant investment in the working environment that opened up the space and give the floor plan clear, panoramic views of the Sydney skyline and Darling Harbor.

Designed and planned by the APAC director of the company, Joe Craven, the crack team at Edsring Property pulled out all the stops to ensure a minimum of disruption and lett Hybrid maintain its legendary high work-rate.

The results are an impressive, well-lit space, with stand-up desks for the more dynamic types (and bar stools for those more that way inclined). The furniture was designed by TechniGroup, our Malaysian supplier, who shipped the bespoke-made items direct from Kuala Lumpur to Sydney.

Commenting on the work, Joe Craven said: “TechniGroup have been brilliant supporting us to design a workspace that flows for today’s media environment and importantly takes advantage of the awesome views across the harbor. The project journey is about more than just a process. It’s about creating a vibrant space for our people and culture.”

The walls with the Hybrid logo against smooth matte black are a striking contrast as the afternoon sun breaks through the wall-to-floor windows. The views over Darling Harbour are truly awesome, so well done to the whole team!

Emma Talbot, Head of APAC Sales for Hybrid said, “There’s an extra level of energy from the guys here, and the office is an amazing place just to be and work. Walking in Monday morning was great. The taller desks keep people moving and talking and overall it’s made a big difference already to our workflow.”


For job opportunities please contact Joe Child – joe.child@hybrid.co or call +44 117 244 3189

About Hybrid

Hybrid is a global influencer, creating rich and relevant content for brands wishing to connect with audiences in a more effective way. Powered by a progressive collective of journalists, strategists and business minds, Hybrid moves with unparalleled pace across five independent brands in high-growth markets. Hybrid has offices in Bristol (UK), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Sydney (Australia).