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Christmas competition 2018 winners announced

  • Company-wide competition held annually
  • Winners from all three Hybrid offices
  • Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan the destination for lucky winners

Part of the ethos of any dynamic sales team is a healthy competition between salespeople, encouraging, and driving one another to perform to their absolute best. Here at Hybrid, we run an annual sales competition that involves every member of staff, with personnel from editorial, digital, finance and administration all taking part, too.

Each salesperson (horse) is assigned a partner (jockey) from non-sales departments by using our bespoke, in-house quantum-powered randomization system; names written on pieces of folded up paper, drawn from a Santa hat. This annual ritual, our version of the Hogwarts Sorting Ceremony, takes place in the Bristol head office, with the event streamed live to the Sydney and Kuala Lumpur offices.

Prizes in the past have included iPhones, weekends away, large-screen TVs, and holidays to the exotic climes of Bali (and the much damper Dublin). This year’s prize(s) took the proverbial biscuit, however: four pairs of tickets to a game at the 2019 Rugby Union World Cup, complete with flights, accommodation and all expenses paid for a week away.

As the Christmas break drew ever closer, and the points accrued from sales were added up, it became clear that the competition was a close one. In the final moments, as total sales hit over £1.5 million for December, a dead heat was declared.

Joint winners were Kit Connell (Sydney office, supporting England), leaning through the finishing tape in a photo-finish with Olly Bassett (Bristol office, supporting Wales). Also sharing the glory as virtual jockeys were Erma Razali (Kuala Lumpur office, supporting anyone) and Laura Clarke (Bristol office, supporting “whoever’s fittest”).

Competition winner Kit (left).

A breathless Connell admitted that while “Johnny Wilkinson is my absolute hero”, he’s looking forward to throwing himself into the bustling markets of Tokyo and enjoying “a sake or two”, while Clarke announced that her Anglo-Japanese cross-cultural highlight would indubitably be “singing Cher in the first Karaoke bar I come to.”

For Bassett, a denizen of the west of England known locally as Wales, there will be a welcome in the valleys of Osaka as he and his dad attend the Wales v. Georgia game. For the Brits, it’s to Hokkaido island, known for its scallop and spider-crab specialties, and home to Sapporo stadium, where England are due to thrash Georgia.

A big well done to all the horses and jockeys, and special thanks to our generous boss, James Craven, who supplied the prizes. He will not be attending any matches featuring his native Australia, as he is well aware that his beloved team is a lost cause.


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