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Performance rewards come in the shape of promotions

One aspect of working here at Hybrid that we are all very proud of is the way that performance is recognised and rewarded, right from day one. Many companies make similar claims, of course, but in any of the (currently) three offices, new recruits’ and old hands’ progress is noted: no-one goes unnoticed, whether they’re performing at their best, or clearly pulling out all the stops to step it up to the next level.

Evidence of this reward-based approach is written into the Hybrid ethos: there are often ad hoc weekly competitions between staff, organized on a departmental or section basis. Plus there’s the now-famous Christmas competition, with prizes worth literally thousands of dollars, many away-days– see the other articles in this section for (publish-able) evidence of those – and month-long inter-office exchange programmes.

But at the end of the day, we’re all here to work, and great effort is always recognised: most recently in a spate of promotions for staff that have been performing out of their skins.

Given managerial roles in their own sections are Dan Frankcom, Farai Musa, Sam Wilkinson, and Caoimhe Murdoch, each of whom has provided inspirational performance for their colleagues. They continue to lead by example, with results manifest on the sales whiteboards. We asked each of them a few questions about what’s happened to them recently in their careers, and how they’re carving out an upwardly-mobile niche for themselves.

Dan Frankcom, recently returned to his native UK from a month-long spell Down Under, reckons the rewards on offer and the social life after office hours make his work life “amazing”, and says he’s “very happy – the days are constantly busy, helping my colleagues.”

Those sentiments are mirrored by British ex-pat Farai (pictured below, left, BTW), now head of a section in Sydney. The best thing about working at Hybrid? “Being able to have a positive impact on the careers of people at different stages of their sales lives.”

And Caoimhe Murdock, the proud owner of one of those names the Gaelic Irish are fond of (pronounced “Keevey”, BTW), said she liked “seeing a new starter who’s only been here a couple of weeks having a sale on the board alongside an experienced manager with four years under their belt – fantastic to see different abilities coming out with the same results. All to play for!”

Naturally, spending so much time alongside one another, the team members get to know each other a great deal better. Some intimate details of the latest staff to be promoted are kept quieter than others, of course, including Sam Wilkinson’s unique contribution to the aural arts. His rendition of Shaggy’s “It Wasn’t Me” during a Karaoke night out is thankfully but a hazy memory for those unlucky enough to witness the event.

It’s not all high jinks, of course: cinema visits are, apparently, a big favourite of this new tranche of managers, despite admissions that certain films make them cry tears of sadness (Farai, during ET and Million Dollar Baby, to be precise) or tears of fear (Frankcom, at anything rated scarier than a PG).

Congratulations to those four on their promotions. Keep up the stirling work, and remember that your secrets are safe with us, and the rest of the English-speaking world.


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