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Introducing U2B.com, covering projects between unis and businesses

  • Global digital publisher Hybrid launches U2B.com
  • A new content platform and tender portal transforming the way universities and businesses connect & collaborate

Graduate employment, knowledge transfer partnerships, local infrastructure…there is so much that higher education and business can accomplish together”

In an era of disruptive technologies, the role of universities is expanding well beyond just teaching as their capacity for innovation grows.

According to recent figures, Australia’s top universities contribute US$47 billion to the national economy annually. In Europe, leading universities generated a collective US$111 billion in economic value, supporting over a million jobs. And in the United Kingdom, the economic contribution amounts to a staggering US$123 billion.

Drawing on Hybrid’s key areas of expertise – higher education and business acumen – we have created a compelling blend of unique stories and project data that highlights the ways higher education providers can work with local and multinational companies.

U2B brings together the worlds of technology, business and university, providing a digital destination for leaders in this increasingly lucrative cross-sector,” says our founder and managing director, James Craven.

“U2B Live is the world’s first university-specific tender portal, giving our readers direct access to billions of dollars-worth of opportunities.

“The U2B brand will leverage our editorial strength and audiences across education and innovation.”

The databank behind U2B Live provides details of big-ticket tenders from universities across America, Australia, Europe, and the UK – covering everything from construction and management, to research collaborations and knowledge transfer partnerships.

Vice-President and General Manager, Global Education Industry at IBM, Michael King, has highlighted the value of bringing education and business together:

“Fostering collaboration between higher education and employers is one of the most important efforts to help address the skills gap and prepare students for work.

“When we collaborate around necessary skills for workforce entry, we can ensure students not only have the depth and breadth of an academic credential, but also have the needed skills to […] succeed in the workforce.”

U2B Live gives businesses a central tool to find and track opportunities, while editorial content guides readers throughout the collaboration process by highlighting best-practices and evaluating prospects that deliver the best value.


For job opportunities please contact Joe Child – joe.child@hybrid.co or call +44 117 244 3189

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