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Destination: Blue Mountains

June 28th 2019 saw the Sydney Hybrid team taking a well-deserved day off to enjoy some of the local scenery that really brings home the majesty and wilderness that is much of Australia.

The office-bound staff were picked up at a sleep-befuddled 7:30am and driven for two hours overland by bus to the “local” Blue Mountains National Park. The immensity and scale of the Australian continent, to those who have never experienced it, is best depicted by the following screen grab, courtesy of our friends at Google Maps. The red dot represents the Hybrid team’s destination, while the white point a bare 2mm to the right is the journey’s starting point.

A map of Australia showing Hybrid's office's journey

Undeterred by the length of the journey, however, the staff decamped and climbed aboard a train, for a ride on the world’s steepest railway line down the side of the mountain, into the lush valley below.

From the foot of the railway, the team hiked for around 90 minutes, taking in the local wildlife, en route to the Giant Stairway, which, like The Grand Old Duke of York of nursery rhyme fame, had the team march back up again.

After several unplanned stops to gasp for breath admire the view during the 933-step climb, the goal at the summit was, predictably, a pub. The team were refreshed by a range of pickmeups, greeted with great relief by all, especially by Emma Talbot, who after a while, overcome with the emotion of the occasion, declared that she “really, really lovesh you guysh”.

Thankfully, the chartered bus swooped in and scooped up the now fully-relaxed team members for a lunch of witchetty grubs and dingo offal, with alternative choices of wood-fired pizza and red wine, for those determined to sample the local bush tucker.

Home was via a convenience break at the famous Penrith Panthers (rugby league team) club.

The Managing Director of the Hybrid Australia team (and a lifelong Panthers fan, we assume), Joseph Craven stated, it was a “solid day, all round.”*

*Joe is a native Australian, and therefore prone to long-winded, flowery language that rarely gets to the point, for which we apologise.


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