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Hybrid UK involved in the country’s national sport

Despite putting in long days on occasion, and working hard helping our clients achieve the types of innovative results that are a testament to staff commitment to hard work and the UK education system, the Hybrid team in the Bristol office still finds time for a little exercise.

In the past, that’s involved an informal race up the stairs of Colston Tower to the ninth-floor office eyrie, or company bike rides, jogs, or even a competitive 10k running race. Most recently, however, the heart rates have been set to race in a new football team (that’s soccer team to non-Brit readers).

The team of Hybrid staff meets on a Monday night to indulge its passion for “the beautiful game” at a local sports club. The lads (no girls as allowed thanks to draconian league rules that hail from a past age) have had some outstanding results in the last four outings, losing by less than a dozen goals on two occasions, and drawing their last game against a team drawn from attendees of a day-release centre for the visually impaired.

The team’s attitude is one of modest professionalism, as it’s often difficult to even extract the final score from the weary team members the next working day, who all remain oddly tight-lipped about their massive success rates.

Hybrid media agency football team, part of what makes Hybrid, Bristol a great place to work

Despite the natural athleticism of the team, they remain open to all (male) comers of any physique, body mass index, height or fleetness of foot. Particularly in demand are individuals with a previous soccer career at a professional level, or failing that, persons capable of differentiating left from right while being in possession of at least one limb.

All-rounder Joy-Nah (above, second from right, top row) — all modern footballists have only one name — has recently moved from his customary left-back position to a more up-front role thanks to his extraordinary prowess at organising digital media campaigns, and it remains to be seen whether the rest of the team will settle into their new positions accordingly.

The pride of Hybrid’s next fixture will take place in front of a sell-out crowd of seagulls, lost tourists, and those seeking small change for the sports centre’s drinks machine.


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