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Unique coverage, new business: Why we team up with tech events

Media partnerships are crucial to Hybrid’s tech publications, allowing the teams to get up close and personal with those on the ground in enterprise tech. TechHQ Editor Mark Jones explores the impact of industry events on editorial strategy and new business.

Autonomous delivery vehicles, agricultural drones, factory robotics, and other emerging tech ‘hardware’ have a very physical, tactile presence.

But for game-changing developments in cloud computing, AI and data analytics, to cite just a few examples, the world of enterprise technology— the core beat of Hybrid’s tech publications TechHQ, and Tech Wire Asia— there’s often not much to really see.

Instead, coverage relies on analyzing research, observing trends but, most importantly, listening to and speaking directly to the creators and users of that technology. In fact, Hybrid’s editors will always encourage their writers to throw themselves into the field when possible.  

Event tie-ups

Now into Q4, the business world is well and truly in ‘event season’— feet are back under (figurative) desks after a long summer— and that means our tech media publications have the chance to get on the ground, up close and personal with those people in the know.

This year, led by Editor Mark Jones and Project Manager Seb Smith, the TechHQ team has sought several tactical partnerships with events, scoring press access for the editorial team and forging new opportunities for business development.

June this year played host to a media partnership with cybersecurity summit Infosecurity Europe 2019, paving the way for exclusive interviews with Just Eat CISO, Kevin Fielder, Professor Sue Black, and Have I Been Pwned? Founder Troy Hunt, among a number of cybersec mages—read the event wrap-up here.

TechHQ’s meetings and ensuing coverage from the event proved fruitful, cementing new business for our creative and digital teams, as well plenty of in-depth editorial insights— not bad for a day out of the office!

Just last week, meanwhile, a media partnership with eCommerce Expo 2019 saw Mark and TechHQ sales hotshot Kane ‘Big Daddy’ Walpole, head to London’s Olympia, where some 15,000 attendees across the two days did well to reflect the sheer scale of a rapidly-growing industry.  

Among the 150 exhibitors on the floor, the team got a glimpse of the expanding and complex supply-chain— made of retailers, payment systems, shipping and logistics, CRM and analytics— that combine to power the industry’s projected growth of more than US$1.4 trillion worldwide.

Amid a packed schedule, notable takes included Unilever calling for marketers to dial back the ‘noise’ in advertising, or risk damaging customer trust further and ‘wasting’ ad budgets; while marketing industry authority Tom Goodwin urged us all to reimagine our perception of digital transformation (don’t be a ‘digital check’).

For both editorial and sales teams alike, the event provided a chance to build contacts and strike up new relationships which will likely prove themselves to flourish in the coming weeks. In this sense, media partnerships are emerging as an invaluable new channel for TechHQ.

TechHQ’s third (and not final) partnership will see Seb and lead tech writer Joe Green, head once again to the UK capital for Digital Transformation Expo Europe 2019.

With a speaker and exhibitor line up featuring the likes of AWS, Google Cloud, ESET, Cisco, Avast, Microsoft Azure,DarkTrace, Citrix and many more and encompassing IP EXPO, Cyber Security X and AI & Analytics X, the event looks set to hold its claim to being an “unmissable” summit for IT experts.

Keep an eye on TechHQ for coverage from the event, and many more, in the months to come.


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