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Our Approach Both teams at Dell Technologies and TechHQ were all hands-on-deck from start till finish while promoting the solutions across multiple digital marketing platforms, ensuring optimum ROAS through the core strength of brand messaging and rich media.
Intro & Challenge From years of partnerships with Dell Technologies, TechHQ has a concrete understanding of the target audience and capturing essential data to remarket to ardent eyeballs to further convert as solutions subscribers. We were granted access to their list of key accounts which enabled the team to explore more opportunities via Account Based Marketing.
Dell Technologies and TechHQ have formed a solid synergy from the initial scope of scaling social advertising for product releases and awareness, to the current full-blown, form-fit digital advertising campaigns encapsulating audiences in key markets using social, display and programmatic remarketing, amplifying Dell’s digital footprint across Asia.
ABM, Remarketing, Paid Social
Nurture Remarketing Campaign - Dell IoT
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