A note on self-care on Mental Health Day

As we raise awareness for mental health on World Mental Health Day this year, we’re encouraged to reflect on how a global pandemic has affected our wellbeing. There is no doubt that Covid has been hugely damaging to mental health and wellbeing on a global scale. As a result, however, it has encouraged more conversation on the subject, and a richer discourse on how we can support ourselves and others to stay healthy. 

The WHO is asking that we prioritise mental health through our own self care. The charity Mind highlights five ways we can promote our wellbeing:

  • Connect – connect with the people around and the world around you
  • Be active – take time to exercise or get involved in activities you enjoy
  • Keep learning – always look to learn new skills and new information
  • Give – generosity is proven to boost wellbeing, whichever form it takes
  • Pay attention to the present moment – in our fast-paced culture of endless distractions and information, being present is crucial for staying healthy

After the pandemic, it’s more important than ever that we bake these principles into our personal, community and working cultures. Whether that’s actively supporting the wellbeing of your employees, or carving out time to reconnect and check in with friends and family. Whatever the action, from corporate initiatives to the small connections we make with colleagues, they remind us that we are valued by others and remind others that we value them. Being proactive, invested and open will reduce stigma and teach us how to support each other better. 

The World Health Organization’s theme this year is ‘Make mental health and wellbeing for all a global priority’. In 2022, businesses, institutions and governments have the opportunity to make genuine strides towards making this their priority.