Combining first- and third-party intelligence, quantitative and qualitative research into unique insights and actionable reports to empower our partners.


Data and research serve as the foundation of all that we do. Every decision considered, every move backed extensive homework across each project and partnerships.


Data collection

Bespoke surveys, focus groups, and psychographic analysis to inform our partners' market strategies.

Programme Market Research

Combining market analysis, surveys, and interviews to determine appetite, launch and optimise courses for our partners.

Social listening

Determining how our partners — and their competitors — are being talked about across social platforms. These insights inform audience segmentation and new strategies.

Brand health

An overarching view of where a brand sits, how it wants to evolve, and how we can support that journey.


Setting and striving towards targets, considering specific competitors and larger market forces on an individual channel level.


Driving continuous improvements through live reporting and analysis across all of our data and research findings.

Our Work