Experience brilliance

University of California, Berkeley

Berkeley University California is a global leader, a world top 30 and has paved the way for counter-culture movements, free speech, wet suits, microscopic motors and CRISPR gene editing. With sunny views of San Francisco Bay – and an alumni network of Nobel prize winners and Olympians – who wouldn't want a taste of Berkeley life?
The Challenge

Transforming a national heritage brand into something truly global. Berkeley wanted to develop a new brand for their emerging product, the Berkeley International Study Program – a 6-week experience for students from abroad to come and get a feel for the campus, the curriculum and a bit of that California life. It needed its own identifiable sub-brand of assets that worked with the masterbrand of the university, and a digital marketing strategy that translated across markets worldwide.

The Solution

The answer came in the shape of ‘Experience Brilliance,’ a robust campaign that leveraged real stories from international students at Berkeley. Sharing their daily lives, showing what they get up to and articulating the kind of brilliance students will experience was central to driving the message home and inspiring an audience from miles away.

Instagram stories and day-in-the-life videos helped build affinity with international audiences at an awareness level, while targeted ads continued to build a picture of what life could look like 'experiencing brilliance' at Berkeley. From dusk til dawn, and campus to the Bay Area, the campaign aimed to showcase the multiple facets of the program. To assist in the decision-making journey, we created bespoke landing pages that celebrated real-life stories, and answered any possible queries prospective students might have.

"The campaign developed a clear, nurtured path, creating early awareness with potential clients and using remarketing to turn interest into action. I was very impressed with Hybrid’s creative expertise and approach that ultimately led to great campaign success."
Bridget Lehrer
Berkeley Marketing Manager