Our core belief is that education and technology drive the world forward, empowering lives through knowledge and creating a better society.

Where We've Been

2022. Opening across the pond
A growing roster of American partners led to opening our Philadelphia office in June 2022. In the heart of a city synonymous with progress and innovation, we're on the pulse of our audience motivations and behaviours. One-by-one, we're helping our partners connect more effectively.
2021. Major investment from LDC
In June 2021, we received a £13million investment from LDC. That goes straight back into our company, providing more services, investing in deeper research, growing teams, and developing new technologies and proprietary solutions to keep our partners ahead of the curve.
2020. Launch of Insights team
Seeing an opportunity to further develop our offering as an agency, we formalised a team and service that had run in the background of our business since its inception. Detailed analyses, data demystification and granular insights. Producing reports, surveys, market reserch and actionable plans for our partners.
2019. New UK office
A huge project to convert an old Bavarian beer house in to the ultimate collaborative agency space and our HQ. A place to proudly call home.
2018. Launch of TechHQ
We solidifed our position as a leading tech agency with the launch of TechHQ — a leading space for technology firms to bolster their propositions and engage with prospective partners.
2017. Partnerships Launch
Leveraging our years of digital campaigns and expanding our scope to cover omnichannel digital and traditional media by launching partnerships with key providers.
2015. Campaign Hub
We opened our office in Kuala Lumpur and launched our first proprietary analytics platform, the Campaign Hub specifically designed to track and visualise digital marketing campaign performance for our growing client base.
2014. Expanding into APAC
We opened our office in Sydney. This expansion enabled us to become APAC market experts and further our international student recruitment capabilities in regions seeing unprecedented growth.
2012. Study International and Tech Wire Asia launches
Finding our specialisms in education and technology we launched two brands. Study International; a global education platform offering help and advice to a growing market for international students. And an APAC-focused tech platform reaching start-ups and enterprises across ASEAN as social media and digital marketing continued to boom.
2009. First steps
Founded with the mission to launch new publishing platforms for upwardly mobile audiences. We saw the need for powerful storytelling, clear information, and intelligent digital marketing campaigns.

Where We're Going

Building new solutions to make every one of our partners a market leader through continuous investment in digital innovation, sector expertise and audience understanding.

Things that matter

Approaching every partner with a singular focus on tackling their challenges head on. Relentlessly pursuing the most effective approaches.
Continuously building and nurturing an impassioned, multi-talented workforce on a global scale. New specialisms welcome, all perspectives respected.
Expansive and exploratory. Always efficient. We're all about results, and finding new ways of delivering value.
Always asking ourselves 'well, why not?' A continuous focus on research, innovation and development to make our work matter.
Structured to help our people succeed, here to tell clients what we know. Knowledge is power, and we believe in sharing it.
Bringing energy, open dialogue and cross-team collaboration to the table. Every project is an opportunity for new thinking.


With offices across four continents, working in every time zone, we are technologists, strategists, and creative problem-solvers enacting positive impact on the world around us.

Chris Cammann
Joe Craven
Pete Westmore
James Craven
Founder & Non-Executive Director
Emma Talbot
Account Director, APAC
David Sweet
Digital Director
Rebecca Wheddon
Account Director, North America
Max Longstaff
Creative Director
Jacqueline Raposo
Global Marketing Director
Gareth Hook
Business Development Director