The future is Reeled.
Reeled embeds both real-time and cultivated social media content directly on your university website for maximum student engagement.

Gen Z now spends 2 hours a day using, creating and sharing Reel-formatted content.
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Reeled integrates your social video content directly into your website with ease.

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Interactive logo

We turn your university logo into an interactive feature, so with one simple tap, students see both your real-time and cultivated social media story content – right on your website. And to maximize your impact, your now-interactive logo follows the student as they scroll, fixed in the corner with every swipe of every page.

Customizable content

Your best content is always at your prospective students’ fingertips with Reeled. Display the right stories at the right time – you decide what to feature, when, and for how long. Sick of disappearing social media stories? Reeled turns that 24-hour Instagram story into constantly available website content. Want to highlight next Monday’s application deadline until Sunday at midnight? You can do that with Reeled.

Analytic data

Throughout your entire experience, we’ll be there. We’ll track the engagement and actions students take with Reeled, allowing you to maximize on the types of content students love most. With Reeled’s dashboard, you’ll have access to all your stats at all times.

Want even more?

With Reeled+, we create a personalized in-page embedded reel feed of your customized social content. No logo clicks necessary, these buckets of reel content live on your main page. With your goals in mind, we’ll create a bespoke Reel strategy with you and advise you on upcoming trends to engage your prospective student audience and keep you ahead of the curve.

You’ve already created the content, so why not use it?

Get the most out of it with Reeled.