Live engagement energy for online audiences

Cisco Live!

Our partner Cisco wanted to increase virtual engagement to their hotly anticipated annual Live event, where engineers, executives, and industry leaders come together to engage and share insights with thousands of attendees from around the world. From attendance to streaming to social media engagement to post-event follow-ups, we created a narrative around Cisco Live! that told the story of what happens when brilliant minds come together.

The Partner
One of the world’s leading organisations, Cisco’s name is synonymous with innovation, advancement of society and possibilities through technology. Telling the story of their biggest event isn’t easy when you’re working with multiple entities and players – from Hyperflex to WebEx.

The Challenge
Promoting, supporting and increasing engagement via a virtual Cisco Live!, while creating a cohesive experience across multiple events and sessions. The campaign had to echo the quality of the product, maintain brand consistency and increase Cisco’s market salience.

The Insight
Cisco Live! is an exciting, lively and insightful event, where discoveries are announced and minds meet to create the next big thing. However, these memorable and impactful experiences are often had by individuals who aren’t heavy social media users, they’re modest in their accomplishments and sometimes siloed in their work. Any campaign activity to draw attention would need to create a cohesive narrative that was flexible enough to apply to multiple aspects of the event, but it would also need to be a compelling enough platform to encourage users to participate and share their experiences, virtually.

The Solution
Creating and promoting campaign assets before, during and after the event allowed for a story to be built. We targeted audiences to drive registrations, views and engagement. Twitter, Programmatic and LinkedIn were the principal campaign channels prior to the event, with automated HTML reminders sent to specific job titles and industries to prompt engagement. We created a pre-event landing page with a registration CTA and countdown clock. During the event, we worked hosted a live feed of happenings.

The Challenge
5+ million views across the 12-week campaign
50,000+ event live streams
1,000 registrations