International Women’s Day #InvestInWomen


Invest in women: Accelerate Progress. This year’s International Women’s Day theme is a global call to action from the UN, designed to address the gender-based inequalities outlined in their Sustainable Development Goals. Astonishingly, the world still faces a $360 billion annual deficit in spending on gender equality measures to meet those goals by 2030.

From the private sector perspective, a study done in conjunction with DeVry University has found that only 56% of women report having access to upskilling, this is compared to 73% of men. 

Investment in women comes in all shapes and sizes, and from different places. While we need to push for investment in women coming from the top, a discussion worth having also centers around how women can invest in themselves, their future and foster a community of support for others. 

This International Women’s Day, we’ve asked some of our amazing staff how they’ve invested in themselves to accelerate progress in their careers, and how impactful it can be:

Vinifer Karbhari

Senior Paid Media Executive, Bristol


How have you invested in yourself throughout your career?

I enjoy a good challenge and push myself to do things that don’t seem “easy”. I chose to streamline into digital marketing when COVID struck as I realized that it was the need of the hour. The field of digital marketing is dynamic and ever-evolving, so getting up to speed is not an option, it is a necessity. Coming to the UK also meant that I chose to leave my family and friends behind – so whatever I do has got to be worth that sacrifice.


Are there any women you look up to or inspire you in your field?

I genuinely look up to a lot of Boss Women at Hybrid around me who juggle several responsibilities and ace them all! If you’re reading this and you know I’m referring to you, please smile. A young woman who inspires me in my field is Sophie Miller – the founder of Pretty Little Marketer. I had the opportunity to meet her when she was growing her start-up. She provides free coaching to women in digital marketing and is a boss brand marketer. 


What advice would you give to women wanting to enter into your industry?

‘Chin up, Princess’. Literally – keep looking up. Keep reaching for more and more. Once you’re determined to achieve something, don’t let anything or anybody deter you from it. Put yourself first. Your biggest competition is you. Go get those certifications. Attend that webinar. Build lasting connections. You’re a Digital Diva! 

Nynoshka Jones

Business Development Manager, Philadelphia


How have you invested in yourself throughout your career?

Call me a true Aries woman, because being competitive is always in my nature; but I compete with myself versus others. I always want to do better than I did before and aim to progress further. At the end of the day, I have to look back and ask myself “Was I the best version of myself I could be? Did I do everything I could to aim higher than before?”. So I am always going to invest in myself, whatever that may look like at the time and that works for me, to ensure that I strive to consistently move forward. It could be as simple as listening to a podcast while getting a massage at the Four Seasons. Anything that motivates me to “keep going.”


Are there any women you look up to or inspire you in your field?

I’d have to say Mary Kay Ash, Founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics. She revolutionized the direct selling industry and empowered countless women to achieve success and entrepreneurship. She dedicates herself to uplifting and supporting other women in business, as well as inspiring women to pursue their dreams and excel in the sales profession. 


What advice would you give to women wanting to enter into your industry?

Always believe in yourself and your abilities and never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something or to “stay in your lane.” Do as I do and use that as motivation to be the best. Don’t be afraid to speak up, ask questions, and take on new challenges. And of course, 100% prioritize self-care and maintain a healthy work-life balance to sustain your long-term success and fulfillment. Get that massage and buy that bag!

Helena Quainton

Social Media Executive, Bristol


How have you invested in yourself throughout your career?

Research, practice, and focus on building my confidence. As a Social Media Executive, I know that when I’m called upon to offer my advice to clients, they want someone confident on the end of the line to provide them with key insights. I am not a very confident person by nature, but by ensuring I’m always up to date with the latest social media algorithm changes and trends, I can offer advice and back up what I’m saying with evidence. This takes practice, as does creating social media content! I look back at my old TikTok videos from this time last year and see all the improvements I now would have made. That’s progress, right!? That’s investing time into what I do, and seeing the improvement is very rewarding.


Are there any women you look up to or inspire you in your field?

I am a writer by nature with a Creative Writing Masters degree, so I would like to shout out some of the writers who most inspired me. Lucia Berlin changed the game for short stories and helped me see that sometimes you can just get straight to the point while still having feeling, insight, and empathy. Margaret Atwood, Angela Carter, Banana Yoshimoto, Lucy Caldwell, Alice Munro – all of these writers (and more) helped me through my postgraduate degree and into Hybrid!


What advice would you give to women wanting to enter into your industry?

Your work is good enough – better than good! When you walk around an art gallery and come across abstract art, people could say “Well, I could have done that!”. But, they didn’t. So, even if you feel a bit unsure about your job, just know that you were given your position for a reason. Others haven’t got the position you have and you’re there for a reason – so you have to believe in yourself. You are the artist!

Cece Loo

Senior Designer, Kuala Lumpur


How have you invested in yourself throughout your career?

Having worked for Hybrid for over five years now, I have always strived to challenge myself creatively. During my first year, I remember being the only digital designer in Kuala Lumpur and I’d try to pick up new tricks as I go, whether it related to my creative work or not. Fast forward five years, the team has expanded so much across the company. Working with a wider team has meant more opportunities for growth and knowledge sharing across the board!


Are there any women you look up to or inspire you in your field?

I would say my Mum! My sisters and I name her an iron lady because taking care of four girls is a huge feat! I also have a strong admiration for designers and illustrators whose works are progressive and thought-provoking, artists like the Japanese illustrator Yuko Shimizo, Red Hong Yi and Vivienne Westwood.


What advice would you give to women wanting to enter into your industry?

I would say to enjoy every process in a creative project, even if it involves failure. You just have to keep pushing. In the end, you’ll feel liberated! Also, with AI technology booming within our field, it does feel discouraging. We just have to keep upskilling ourselves and learn to coexist with AI. Human creativity is ultimately an important force to keep our creative world growing!