Unleashing the possibilities of purpose

Aston University

An authentic, purpose-led identity for one of the UK’s most forward-thinking institutions.

Aston University has been making quiet, impactful change for its community, society and our planet since its inception. With a new brand essence, ‘Always leading with purpose,’ clearly defining their intent, it was time to make this special place known — not for who they are, but why they are.


Weeks of immersion meant getting on the inside of the institution.

Walking through its halls, meeting students and looking in awe at the advanced technology they have, and you understand the energy that flies through classrooms, corridors and quads. There's a lot happening on their 60-acre campus, right in the beating heart of the city.

Bold, confident and filled with grit, they've been focused for decades on their people, life-changing achievements and taking the ingenuity of Birmingham to the world stage.


Our challenge was to bring this energy to life. How do you translate that invisible drive, the je ne sais quoi to a brand that tells as many unique stories as there are students who shape it.

We built an identity that could encapsulate it. A flexible, vibrant framework that allowed multiple stories to be told under a cohesive umbrella. Driven by ‘The power of 3’ — an idea that recognises the unique, always-evolving relationship between the University, its beneficiaries (students and alumni), and the impact that they have.

We spent two weeks shooting a distinct editorial style of photography across campus that gave students, staff and surroundings casual gravitas. Nothing was staged but every moment captured was filled with intent.

"The creative development of our new identity has been outstanding, pushing us to consider and adopt a powerful creative brand articulation and ambition. Throughout the project, Hybrid has consistently exceeded our expectations in delivering a really standout creative brand proposition, one which adds immediate value and will enable us to grow our brand regionally, nationally and internationally."
Gary Hughes
Aston University, Director of Marketing
Undergraduate campaign

We saw an opportunity to give Aston's students the space to define their why, to share their reasons.

Led by their purpose and the university's, we created the 'Here for a reason' campaign, a platform to define why they chose Aston University. It laid out intent, empowerment and articulated what makes the university special from the point of view of its beneficiaries.