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Christmas 2017 at Hybrid

The continuing expansion of Hybrid across the globe makes organising the traditional office Christmas party in three (soon to be four) places quite a tall order. So, rather than synchronise festivities, we let each one of Hybrid offshoots “do their own thing”.

The Sydney Christmas, of course, is the height of summer, so rapid immersion into cooling seawater seemed to be the favoured option.

Based from a lovely leisure boat, the Hybrid Aussie team practised the art of beer-bottle-balancing while afloat, employing foam “noodles” as buoyancy aids as they immersed their hardworking selves into the Sydney briny.

The more reckless males decided that paddle-boarding would be a good way to impress their colleagues, a theory literally scuttled by Jack, Sam and Seb (on loan from the UK office) attempting to share a single board.

More sensible types stayed on board, close to the “eskie” (that’s a coolbox for any non-Aussie readers), with Farai showcasing his Olympic-level relaxation skills, ably helped by Haley – also an import from the UK – Fiona, Emma and co.

The Kuala Lumpur team decided that the predominating fuel to power their Christmas outing would be high-octane petroleum. Despite initial ideas of using it to flavour cocktails, it was decided that instead, the petrol should be used to propel the team across the countryside at frankly unnatural speeds.

The all-terrain vehicles of the ATV Adventure Park, located just outside KL, were chosen as the means to transport the team perilously close to their own deaths.

While much unforgettable merriment was had by all, there were a few injuries suffered, the worst of which, (for a team of journalists, that is), were a series of nasty blisters on fingers more used to typing. Of the heavy bruising suffered to certain softer areas of anatomy little was said, but many staff did choose to stand for the duration of the coach ride back to civilisation.

A few weeks later, the UK staff decided that a day spent outside during England’s coldest month would be the best way to welcome in the new year, with a day at the (horse) races, as chosen by the eminently-able (but clearly unhinged) social secretary, Shani.

As tradition dictates, the betting activities of the Hybrid party empowered the local bookies to drive home in their top-of-the-range Bentleys, leaving the Hybrid party only the barest minimum of funds to be eked out at the bar. The Ascot Christmas Racing, a traditional Yuletide event enjoyed by the country’s well-heeled, and Hybrid, was well-enjoyed by all!

A day of drinking, eating and gambling was rounded off en route back to the South West UK, with a languid stopover in a fine English pub, for a great deal more eating and drinking.

Christmas is the time of year we get to congratulate the team on a job well done over the year, get to know each other socially and generally let our hair down!

If you’d like to join us in 2018, please get in touch with Haley Dugdale, Recruitment Manager via our jobs page.


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