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Hybrid Bristol’s annual Christmas fun

  • Peaky Blinders theme for UK Hybrid party
  • Well-earned day out after record year
  • Off-road Segways and local food are highlights

The Christmas story, with its timeless themes of birth, renewal, hope and the travel of the three wise men from the east, would be so much improved had that trio of gift-bearing kings been carried by off-road Segways.

That was the opinion firmly held by many members of the UK Hybrid team, during the 2018 Christmas festivities held, in part, in the grounds of the suitably-steeped-in-tradition Old Down Estate, on the outskirts of Bristol, on December 21st, 2019.

The end of year outing is now firmly part of Hybrid tradition in all our three offices. This year the UK-based team members of staff behind the Hybrid media platforms let down their hair and had some festive fun, as recognition of the fine work they’d put in during the course of this record-breakingly successful year.

The fancy dress theme was inspired by Peaky Blinders, a popular TV show set in 1920s midlands England. Sharp suits and flat caps were de rigeur for the gentlemen, while the ladies gave us sleek dresses and eye-catching accessories, thus epitomising the chic and glamorous joie de vivre of the day.

Segways, it transpires, are not merely means of transportation for morbidly obese mall cops. The Hybrid team discovered that once kitted out with wide tyres and a modicum of waterproofing, the little devices are capable of propelling hard-working media types at high speeds across rolling English countryside.

There were, unfortunately, a few accidents, with over-speedy members of staff hitting the rain-sodden (and therefore thankfully soft) ground on several occasions. But spirits weren’t dampened overly, and any wounded pride was quickly healed by application of mid-morning baps and champagne – the working chosen diet of champions and, apparently, Black Country gangsters.

From the Old Down Estate, the Hybrid team headed to the historic Clifton Lido, an open air swimming pool and restaurant situated in the heart of Clifton, one of Bristol’s more sophisticated districts. There the Hybrid team enjoyed a three course meal made from fresh local ingredients with a seasonal twist: the smoked sardine starter and the delicate mandarin sorbet dessert being notable highlights.

The open glass wall of the restaurant gave out onto a full-length view of the Lido itself, a swimming pool frequented by the local Cliftonians who believe in the healing powers of the water that bubbles up from local springs (before being liberally laced with chlorine).

After a fine afternoon’s eating and carousing, the Peaky Blinders left to start well-earned Christmas breaks, tartan caps and complex fascinators stored for the next time. Here’s to 2019, and increased success!


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