Our process

Discipline is one of our core values; for us that means process. Hybrid is a place where traditional and contemporary communications merge and outcomes are measured.

  • We understand the real story
  • We craft engaging content
  • We reach the right audience
  • We measure the outcomes
  • We call this more compelling media

Discovery phase


We ask the right questions because we're intuitive

Data research

We analyse the latest data because we're current


We assess the competitive landscape because we're proactive


We identify the unique selling points because we're intuitive


We select the right formats and platforms because we're influential

Engaging content formats

We reach audiences using different formats across multiple touch points. We represent brands that speak with influence pace and purpose. These brands speak from our audience, to our audience, so Hybrid must harmonise these voices into one.

Multi-platform advertising

Crafted editorial

Video production

Audio podcasts

Our audience

Hybrid is the umbrella company to 5 distinct web brands. Powered by trends, tools and technologies we focus on high growth markets and audiences. We understand these audiences and ensure our clients are connected.


Leading brands

102 Million

Annual unique visitors

474 Million

Annual social engagements

1.5 Billion

Annual advert impressions

More audience, more scale

Hybrid's in-house analysts help the right audience discover a brand's content across our websites and then scale up the same demographic audience across all the major social media platforms

Actionable insights

The Campaign Hub is our own proprietary technology, a user dashboard that allows our clients to track the growth of their digital footprint. Being at the forefront of digital content creation and distribution enables us to provide cross-channel analytics driving actionable insights for our clients

Tracking across global, local and "dark" social media platforms

Once the content is published across our websites and social media, we begin tracking any engagement, whether it's Facebook, Weibo, WhatsApp or even "dark social" such as manual email and SMS

Demographic & geographic data

We illustrate device usage, gender breakdown, IP information, and audience location at a country, regional, city or even suburb level

Benchmarking & reports

All the information and data is curated into an outcomes report at the end of all campaigns, providing a clear summary and actionable insights

Hybrid.create is our creative and digital agency